Ashley Cove Owners Association

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Ashley Cove Owners Association
P.O. Box 1391
Denver NC 28037



held annually each may                                               
exact meeting date to be advised, 
a minimum of     30 days prior to the meeting

location:                                                              WEBBS CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

gate keys

the boat slip area and trailer storage area is accessible through the electronic entry gate, which requires a gate key for access.  replacement gate keys are available for $25, via check payable to Ashley cove owners association or cash.  contact the association assistant at 704-489-1320.


Each year, garbage pickup service is provided for the convenience of boatslip owners during active boating months, MAY through the end of september.  republic services collects on a weekly basis each friday morning.  It is necessary for the container to be rolled up to the end of the drive on Thursday evening, then rolled back down near the entrance to the boatslips on friday afternoon or evening.  A monthly schedule of responsibility for the duty will be established.  monthly VOLUNTEERS are needed FOR WEEKLY GARBAGE ROLLOUT, AS SHOWN BELOW:
                            MAY         -
                           June         -    
                           july         -     
                      AUGUST         -   
SEPTEMBER        -    

NOTICE:  GARBAGE PICKUP begins MAY and ends Late September each year. 

boatslip porta-potty 

for the convenience of boat slip owners, the boat slip area has a portable restroom, during boating season, and will be in place from may through september.  the facility will be checked and cleaned on a regular basis by the porta-potty company.  if you experience any problems with the facility, please advise the association assistant at 704-489-1320.

boatslip crime & security


No Trespassing signs and security cameras have been installed AT THE BOATSLIP MARINA AND PARKING AREA, in an effort to thwart future problems. 

although there is no way to completely protect your marine property stored there, it is advisable to remove anything that can be easily detached, particularly during 'off season' periods, when fewer residents will be visiting the boatslip area.

BOATSLIP OWNERS Rules & Regulations

Please be mindful of the Marina Rules and Regulations, avoiding the need for the Boat Slip Committee to contact you regarding your boat or lift. 

Boatslips for Rent

Occasionally, boat slip owners will make their boat slip available for rent.  These owners can be found in The Ashley Cove Reporter on the Resources page on this website.

The boat slips are available for rent to members of Ashley Cove Owners Association only.  If you are not using your boat slip and would like to make it available to an association member, please advise via the email address below and it will be posted to this website.


 For information, assistance, questions, concerns, or complaints regarding Ashley Cove Owners Association, please forward all calls to 704-489-1320 or email 





  ACOA Board of Directors:  Dan McDonald, Walter Fields, Matthew Trexler, Carl Boger, Chris Ireland

 Association Treasurer:  Carla Kull 980-241-1512  *  Association Assistant:  Gail Huss  704-489-1320

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